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In light of COVID-19 all programs are conducted virtually.

International trips will be put on hold until further notice due to travel and social distancing restrictions. For any program inquires or interests please contact us. 

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The Focus of Our Efforts

PTIS is a multifaceted organization. Our main offerings of service are broken down below. To see how we have progressed through these hard times and how we have transitioned, please see our other tabs indicating our virtual and past programs.

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Education on Various Health Topics

Education is a big part of our profession. As health care providers, we have the power to heal individuals through patient education. By empowering people to know more about their bodies and how to prevent/treat various health conditions, we can provide more sustainable results. PTIS emphasizes the importance of education to those who need it through our customized workshops catered to various audiences.

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Certified Health Professionals Teaching a Free Movement Class

As movement experts, we believe that healing is powered by movement. We work alongside different types of movement specialists to provide a variety of exercise therapies to our target audience in order to facilitate healing.



Advocation on the Doctor of Physical Therapy Profession

Physical Therapy is an underrated profession within the healthcare industry. Our team advocates for our profession and brings awareness to what we do. In addition to physical therapy, we bring light to the entire health and wellness industry to increase diversity and equality.

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One-on One Treatment

Through our treatments, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Physical Therapy International Service Foundation, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit. Hands on care is limited to our targeted audience. We make it possible for them to have care by delivering free services or connecting them to a physical therapist in their area for optimal care.

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