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Volunteering for the PTIS & WIN collaborative movement class on 8/18 was definitely the highlight of my day. I was unsure of how the experience would pan out as it was my first time leading a virtual exercise class. After the warm up and seeing the children follow along it was evidently clear that it would turn out to be a good time. Watching the kids follow along with the exercises and the storyline created was so much fun. Volunteering with PTIS gave me a sense of purpose by helping the participants move, get exercise, and offer them something to look forward to.

-Alex Herra


I decided to volunteer for PTIS because I wanted to provide PT services to underserved communities and I also have an interest in working with children. 
My experience with the movement class was amazing! I had such a fun time collaborating with Maria on coming up with a theme for the class and what movements to include. It gave me an opportunity to be creative while incorporating PT! Leading the movement class was rewarding and fun. The other volunteers were super supportive and it was nice seeing representation of minorities in the field. Seeing the kids follow along to the movements and enjoy themselves was the best part of this experience for me.

-Jane Yichen


A major reason that led me to pursue this profession is my desire to help people. Physical therapy is centered around improving the quality of people’s lives through movement.
To me, helping people who are less fortunate falls under that umbrella as well. This drove my decision to choose UMDPT because of the program’s focus on helping the community. Through social media, I found out about PTIS and really resonated with their mission. I saw the post about volunteering virtually to provide therapeutic exercises to homeless children in New York and thought this would be the perfect way for me to get involved. I have an interest in the pediatric population and knew this would be a great first experience for me. During the virtual sessions, I have been overjoyed and grateful to be a part of something that is larger than myself. The children’s joy brightens my day with the conclusion of every session. I look forward to future volunteer experiences with PTIS!

-Ashley Vesotsky

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I decided to volunteer for WIN because I want to be able to help the community and underserved population with limited access to physical therapy and fitness, especially during this pandemic. WIN has been an awesome opportunity to help get families and kids moving while they are indoors and improve their health while having fun. I love being able to see the kids laugh and have an awesome time while using their imagination on our "pirate adventures" and "jungle" games.

-Julia Feng


My time with PTIS has been short so far but incredibly rewarding. In light of everything going on in the world, this has been a big spark in my life. I believe everyone has a role they can play in helping others with the unique skills and interests we all have. PTIS has created an opportunity for me to do more with the skills and knowledge of my future profession as a physical therapist. I’ve always loved working with kids and giving back to communities that need it, which is why I’m so grateful for my involvement with PTIS. Not only has PTIS given me this opportunity, it’s also encouraged to me have more faith in my own ideas and think of ways I can be a resource in my community. My favorite part has been seeing the big smiles on the children’s faces while they imagine themselves on different adventures. I’m looking forward to more fitness classes in the future along with being a resource for students who are interested in physical therapy as a career.

-Joyce Abiodun


I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the movement classes through PTIS. It allowed me to collaborate with other student physical therapists, receive feedback, and engage with underserved children to promote physical activity in a creative way. I think the virtual classes are a great way to promote movement, especially during COVID-19. Seeing how appreciative the staff at WIN showed me the impact volunteering can have on others. I'm looking forward to more opportunities with PTIS in the future!

-Jill Heron

Testimonials : Testimonials
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