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Pro-bono Treatment in Cervera Del Maestre, Spain

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From March 3rd, 2018 to March 10th 2018, PTIS conducted its first ever international service trip to Cervera Del Maestre, Spain consisting of private and group treatment sessions, home visits, and educational workshops. PTIS treated over 84 patients in just 5 days. The trip consisted of two licensed physical therapists from New York City, two PTIS SPT coordinators, and three SPTs from varying schools across the East Coast. Following discussions with the coordinator in Spain regarding the current patient population and demographics, licensed PTs and students devised a plan of care for the service trip.

​The group worked closely and met over several online video chatting sessions prior to departure to ensure successful and meaningful patient-centered care. Future trips are currently in the planning stage. Please contact us for more information on dates and locations!

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